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Welcome to the official website of chess Grandmaster Josh Friedel! Here you can learn about Josh, track his tournament progress, and find info pertaining to lessons, lectures, and other events. Also, part of the website is a blog which will be regularly updated by Josh as he travels to tournaments around the world. This is a new site, and will be constantly changing and expanding, so check back often!


Science Park Amsterdam Chess Tournament

Amsterdam, The Netherlands, July 9-17, 2011

"The new Amsterdam international summer chess tournament will be held from 9 to 17 July. The playing conditions will be perfect in a high-tech, sportive and inspiring environment.

Chess and Science at Science Park Amsterdam
At Science Park Amsterdam you are surrounded by renowned scientists, researchers, high-tech companies, an impressive beta faculty and ambitious students. The playing venue is the brand new sports centre Universum."

To read more and to follow this tournament click here.


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